Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading Response Journals Writing Basics for Kids

Written entries in your journals are your thoughts, reactions, interpretations, and questions about what you are reading. Do not summarize what you have read. State an opinion and back it up with examples from your reading.

If you are stuck, think about the following:
Quote or point out: Quote a part of the book that you think is an example of good writing or strikes you as particularly meaningful. What did you like about the quote? What makes you feel this is good writing? Why do you want to save it?

Experiences or memories: How does this book make you think or feel? Does the book remind you of anything? What comes to mind? What kinds of ideas does this book give you for writing?

Reactions: Do you love/hate/can't stop reading this book? What makes you feel that way? What reactions do you have to your own writing, the writing of your peers, the world around you?

Questions: What confuses you? What don't you understand? Why did the author do something a particular way? What would you have done if you were the writer? What questions do you have about your own writing?

Evaluations: How does this book compare to others you have read? What makes it an effective or ineffective piece of writing? How is your writing going?